The Blog

Keeping Up with Kahla is a lifestyle blog based in Clearwater, Florida. Throughout its pages you’ll find lifestyle nuggets, foodie faves, travel tell-alls, and more.

While Keeping Up with Kahla serves as a direct resource to my life, musings, and favorite things – it also encapsulates the world through the eye of a thirty something millennial. Most days I’m just trying to figure out how to do it all while having it all. You’ll see a lot of my face on here, but guest appearances usually include: my family, friends, husband, and my pups.

Writing has always been a love of mine. Even within the pages of one too many diaries that my mom always seemed to find. When a sudden spark of inspiration hits or I have a story to share – it’s like the words immediately type themselves out in my mind. I can see the sentences tack onto one another. Memories connect, puns intend themselves, and I reach for the Notes app on my iPhone to type away.

My intention as a blogger is to harness an audience that believes in living their best life now. I want people to read these stories and know that someone is going through or thinking the same exact thing that they are. The only difference is that one of us decided to publish it on the internet.

I started Keeping Up with Kahla as a creative outlet for myself. As I mentioned above, I’ve always loved writing. Oversharing and connecting with others fall right into suit with that passion. Blogging allows me to do what I love to do on a larger scale than my diaries ever did. This site has grown into a place where I can share my stories, work with brands that I love, and ultimately connect with an audience of people that are keeping up.

On Keeping Up with Kahla you’re going to find every day life served up with a side of extra. I hope that you find inspiration in these pages. Laugh at me or with me, learn something from me, or just relate. It’s my life that’s on the menu and it’s served fresh – eat it up.

The Kahla

First things first, my name is pronounced exactly like “kay-la”. Apparently my mom took the spelling from some soap opera she used to watch and it’s been confusing teachers, administrative professionals, and robotic reminder calls for appointments ever since.

I’m a born and raised Florida girl. Most people always tell me how rare that is since our state is mostly full of transplants. I always knew one day I’d have a Pomeranian, but never knew I’d marry a midwestern guy. Ben is definitely my more patient, understanding, and logical half. While I’m getting lost in dreamscapes, he sprinkles in the realities. We’re happily married, but Ben understands that I’ll still sing any of Taylor Swift’s heart wrenching breakup songs at the top of my lungs as if I’m currently living them.

When it comes down to it – I’ve always had some vehicle for writing. My diaries, Myspace, Xanga, Tumblr, what have you – words have always found a way to escape my mind and onto a page or a screen. The magic for me is in the moment of when a complete stranger can read those words and say: “I totally get it.”

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