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  1. Frank wilson says

    Goodday..I live in Scottsdale. Not sure how you came up with sugar bowl at 3.5 rating on yelp..Farm and craft 4.0 on yelp..There are so many local places that are far superior with far better ratings and food. The two you chose (above) are frankly the worst in Scottdale….A true foodie would not put sugar bowl on there blog…reputation I presume..On the other hand, I absolutely love your writting…

    • Kahla Brubaker says

      Hi Frank!! Thanks for the comment. I had great experiences at both so wanted to share those in this post. I’d love to know any local recommendations you have to share for future trips. It’s always good to know what local gems to check out for the next visit. ☺️

      • Cassi says

        I live in the area as well and disagree with saying a foodie shouldn’t put the Sugar Bowl on their blog. There are many great places in Phoenix and Scottsdale and the Sugar Bowl is one of the best! I love taking my kids there. The staff is very friendly and I have always been more than satisfied with our food and ice cream orders. The little arcade area they have is also super fun for kids. I also just love the whole Old Town Scottsdale area. It’s such a fun place to walk around on the weekends. Sugar Bowl also has a 4.5 Google Rating and 4.6 on Facebook so maybe people on Yelp just like to complain.

        I also like to go to Sprinkles cupcakes just North of Sugar Bowl across the street from Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. The cupcake atm (vending machine) is a cute thing to do if you get there after hours and really want a cupcake!

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