KUI: Tampa Bay

KUI: Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is full of cities with gems just waiting to be discovered. From restaurants to breweries to rows of cute storefronts, there’s something for everyone here. I’m sharing the places I’d tell you to visit if you told me you were coming to my neck of the woods. I’ve broken out each of my favorite cities in Tampa Bay below to make it a little easier to navigate. It’s safe to assume that I’m at any of these places on any given weekend, so say HEYYY GIRL if you see me there. Make sure to use #KUITampaBay when you share on socials, so I can live vicariously through you.


Wildflower Cafe: Wildflower has a fantastic breakfast selection. I wrote a blog post all about it here.

1933 Pub: Pub is a favorite for when Ben and I just want a drink, some wings, and a patio to hang out on. It’s not far from where we live (we’ve walked to and from it before).

Sofia’s Greek Grill: I think my love for greek food started here. I love Sofia’s falafel pita (extra feta) and their cheese pies are AMAZING.

Mano’s Bakery Cafe: Another favorite that serves up some great greek food. Their greek salad and cheese pie makes for a perfect lunch.

Monty’s Pizza and Restaurant: Monty’s is a classic in Clearwater. They have great pizza, but I have a special pasta shaped place in my heart for their ravioli, manicotti, and their special blush sauce.

Abe’s Place: If you’re in the mood for boneless wings, Abe’s is your place. I grew up on their chicken. Check out this blog post that talks about my love for Abe’s.

Lenny’s Restaurant: Lenny’s is fantastic for breakfast. Be prepared for a wait if you go on the weekends. Check out this blog post that talks about how great Lenny’s is.

Pattaya: Ben and I are almost always in the mood for thai food. We’re at Pattaya all the time. Check out this blog post that talks about Pattaya here.

Clearwater Beach

Frenchy’s: Best grouper sandwich on Clearwater Beach. There are multiple locations. The one located directly on the beach (Rockaway) is great for the atmosphere, but Ben and I usually go to the Original one because it’s not as crowded.

Surfside Tap House: This is a great little spot to grab a drink.

Jimmy’s Crows Nest: I love this rooftop bar for sunset drinks. You get an awesome view of Clearwater Beach from above.

Jamminz: Oh Jamminz. It’s not for everyone, but I love it for drinks and dancing.

Brown Boxer: Casual atmosphere, surprisingly good food, and great drinks. I always recommend Brown Boxer to Clearwater Beach newbies. They usually have live music to enjoy on the weekends.

Clearsky Cafe: One of my favorite breakfast spots on Clearwater Beach.

Badfins: I’m a BIG fan of their P.I.G. Poppa sandwich.

Cooters: You MUST try their Daytona Style wings.

Ocean Hai: Ocean Hai makes for a fantastic date night spot. It’s located inside of the Wyndham Grand hotel.

Sandbar at Opal Sands Resort: Ben and I love popping into Sandbar at the end of our beach walks. We’ll grab a drink and enjoy the gulf views.

Shepard’s: I LOVE SHEPHARD’S for dancing. I prefer their outside area over their nightclub. Shepard’s also serves up a pretty stellar brunch.

Tate’s Island Grill: This is the Sandpearl’s beachfront restaurant. It’s great for drinks and has outside seating so that you can watch the sunset directly on the beach.


Pisces: Ben and I love going here for sushi date nights.

Dunedin Brewery: This is always a great option for a casual night out. There’s usually a live band playing that you can dance to.

Sonder Social Club: The craft cocktail bar that Dunedin NEEDED.

Reboot: If you’re into video game bars, you’ll love this place. They have all of the classics (yes, even Mario Kart).

Dunedin Smokehouse: Ben and I grab lunch here all the time. They have fantastic smoked wings. I love their Montreal Beef Sandwich too.

Blur: A lot of our nights in Dunedin end at Blur. It’s one of my absolute favorite dance bars.

Strachan’s Ice Cream: Never disappoints. Strachan’s is the perfect way to end date night on a sweet note.


Armature Works: This multipurpose space offers something for everyone! I’m a big fan of their food stalls, especially Dixie Dharma. Make sure to visit Armature’s rooftop bar, M.Bird.

Hyde Park Village: You’ll find shops and places to eat in this cute little village. It’s definitely a Tampa hot spot. Bartaco, On Swann, and Buddy Brew Coffee are notable mentions to check out.

Sparkman Wharf: Vibrantly colored cargo containers turned food stalls – Sparkman Wharf is so cool. They have a wide range of food options to choose from (much like Armature Works). We clearly like our one-stop variety food spots in Tampa.

Oxford Exchange: A TAMPA MUST. Oxford Exchange is just beautiful. i love it so much that I had my bridal shower there. They have an incredible brunch and a newly opened champagne bar.

Ulele: This is one of my favorite restaurants along the Tampa Riverwalk. It’s within walking distance to Armature Works as well. Ulele has a great outside bar and their food is top notch (try their jalapeño corn muffins, lobster roll, and candied bacon ice cream – freakin’ YUM).

The Dallas Bull: I’m a big fan of country music and line dancing. If that’s your thing, then check out The Dallas Bull in Tampa. It’s somewhat standalone. There’s a Wawa nearby for those 2AM drunk munchies. Before you go make sure to check their website to see if any concerts are happening when you visit. If there is then t the dance floor is usually closed for the duration of the concert. It reopens once the concert ends.

St. Pete

Datz: Datz never fails. You HAVE to try their Cheesy Todd burger (it’s famous).

Downtown St. Pete: This area is packed with bars to visit. I love Five Bucks Drinkery, MacDinton’s, Park & Rec (they have party pouches which are basically adult Capri Suns), and No Vacancy.

The Library: This is a MUST for brunch in St. Pete. I have a blog post dedicated to how much I love this place.

Red Mesa Restaurant: Red Mesa has multiple locations, but this one is my favorite. I love their Chihuahua combo plate.

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